Proof of Work (PoW) alone are known to have many problems. Such as long confirmation time.

A double layer blockchain system is used to solve inherent issues pertaining to security and decentralization with sustainability and scalability in mind.

X16R Proof of Work

The existence of ASIC miner causes casual miners that wanted to use their home personal computer to maintain the blockchain a difficult task.

In TRVC 2.0, we have made a switch of algorithm from X11 which is based on 11 different algorithms in a fixed sequence to X16R which uses 16 different algorithms but not in fixed sequence, making ASIC harder to build.

In the event that X16R ASIC miner is created, TRVC will be having another hard fork giving casual user a chance to maintain the blockchain and achieving full decentralization.


The TRIVE Masternode Network plays an important role as they are the one that forms the TriveGovernance, they will vote to decide the future of Trivechain.

Besides, the masternode are the reason behind making Direct Send and Exclusive Send possible. Giving the ability to send TRVC and receives confirmation in just 3 seconds by locking the UTXO.

In TRVC 2.0, the collateral of 1,000 TRVC will be increased to 10,000 TRVC to prevent the possibility of malicious masternode and making it harder for a single person to set up multiple masternode.




Direct Send: Instantaneous transactions

Exclusive Send: Privacy protection payment system

TriveGovernance: The decentralized autonomous organization that will shape and decide the future development of Trivechain

TriveStamp: A trust-less time-stamping proof of existence service

TriveApp: Applications can be built and transacted on the TRVC network ensuring that the application exist on a server-less state

TriveAsset: A platform for asset issuance with options to include metadata for the need of business logics



Join Our TRVC Community

TRVC Wallet

TRVC Wallet

TRVC Wallet

The TRVC Wallet means have your TRVC always with you, in your pocket!

  • Send your TRVC using QR Code
  • Sending and receiving of TRVC via NFC or TRVC URLs.
  • Conversion to and from national local currencies.
  • When you’re offline, you can still pay via Bluetooth.
  • System notification for receiving coins.
  • Address book for regularly used TRVC addresses.
  • Sweeping of paper wallets or recover with mnemonic seed (e.g. those used for cold storage).
  • Display of Trivecoin amount in TRVC, mTRVC and µTRVC.
  • Access TriveApp from TriveAppStore
TRVC Wallet

TRVC Desktop Client

The official TRVC core that have full feature including Direct Send, Exclusive Send, TriveGovernance and Masternode Setup.





The whitepapaer of TRVC 2.0 clearly defines the direction and work that needs to be completed moving forward



The Development Roadmap of TRVC 2.0

14 Apr 2019
Migrate to
22 April 2019
Fork to TRVC 2.0 Live Now
15 May 2019
Relaunch of TriveAppStore
22 May 2019
Launch of TriveAsset Explorer
29 May 2019
Launch of TriveAsset SDK
5 June 2019
Launch TriveGovernance
Core Team

Core Team

We welcome anyone to develop on this public chain. If you are interested to be one of the core team, you could start by building a TriveApp, fixing the core or add on the solutions.

Ji Sheng Tan
Core Developer
Ang YC
Software Engineer
Arpita Chopra
Software Developer


We will update the development, the work progress, news and all other stuffs related to TRVC or Blockchain here.

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